We have a bunch of new UPDATES for you regarding our site. Since I laid them all out on the front page, as they happened, I'm simply going to repost it here for those reading it later on. (Yes, I'm feeling lazy.)


All listings now have both SHIPPPING COST and TAX INCLUDED.

This makes it a whole lot easier for those of you wanting to buy online. The price you see on the item is exactly what you'll wind up paying. Small side note: We DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE U.S. Shipping is just too expensive. If you're really interested, please send us a note and we'll calculate out how much extra you'd have to pay.

For those of you who live close enough to come visit us in person, everything you see is obviously cheaper in the store, since there's no shipping fee involved.


We try to offer you good descriptions and take quality pictures of all our products, unfortunately, we are just a small store run by two people and time is something we don't have much of. Consequently, it was easiest for us to import all our listings from eBay, straight to this website.

This process saves a lot of time, but it is equally flawed. The photos imported are tiny in comparison their original size. A fact, we apologize for in advance.

You'll also notice that every description mentions a link to an eBay shipping discount page, please be advised that this is an old link we never removed and which doesn't really apply anymore, since all our listings have shipping included.

The import of our eBay store listings may not be a perfect solution, but I'm afraid right now it is our best option to bring you all of the goods we've currently got up.

If you'd like, please feel free to check out our eBay store:



I'm a perfectionist, so I'm never happy settling for anything, but in this case getting all our listings onto our personal webpage no matter what was just the most important thing to do. We've constantly got new orders from Japan arriving and I unfortunately just don't have the time to list products twice. I hope you can all understand and bear with us. Thanks! ^_^

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